34th Anniversary Videos

Lea Salonga
Lea Salonga and Raymund Isaac have the ultimate bonding sesh as they carpool around the city for their pamper day at Facial Care Centre. Watch as they jam to Lea’s personal playlist, share juicy stories, and reveal Lea’s favorite FCC treatments. Stay tuned for more surprises as we celebrate our 34th anniversary this month!



Agot Isidro
Turning 50 never stopped Agot from being the epitome of youth and beauty. Still the lovely muse everyone admires, she exudes greater charm and confidence every year. Agot is proud of her age and happy with the woman that she is.
Celebrate loving your skin with Agot and her trusted beauty partner, Facial Care Centre.



Laura Lehmann
Laura defines beauty as being happy with herself. When she knows she looks great, she feels more confident. For her, being a “hottie” means more than having a great body. Beyond looks, she believes it’s important to be confident and kind.
Like Laura, celebrate loving your skin and being happy with yourself! Trust the best skin care partner, Facial Care Centre.



Amina Aranaz
Amina believes that beauty is about letting your true self shine through. As a successful career woman and devoted mom, she values giving and receiving unconditional love. Always at her best, she exudes elegance and beauty in everything she does.
Celebrate loving your skin with Amina and her expert skin care partner, Facial Care Centre.



Ana Roces
For Ana, true beauty is being happy and content in your own skin. She always finds time for herself no matter how busy life gets. And when she feels good inside, she blooms with greater beauty and confidence.
Like Ana, celebrate self-love by loving your skin! Trust the best beauty partner, Facial Care Centre.



Tessa Nieto-Villalon
Tessa believes having a beautiful soul is as valuable as physical beauty. Being a successful model, she invests in the finest skin care treatments to stay youthful. Her skin is a reflection of her inner-self.
Like Tessa, celebrate skin love with the trusted beauty partner, Facial Care Centre.



Alyssa Gibbs
Alyssa loves the beach! And just the same, she loves Facial Care Centre’s LaserLight Permanent Hair Removal. With her baby-smooth, hair-free skin, she never worries about unsightly body hair. Now, she never misses beach trips.
For Alyssa, beauty is about loving and accepting yourself. And with Facial Care Centre, she celebrates loving herself by loving her skin.