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The 3 Faces Of Aging

The 3 Faces of Aging: Deny, Delay, Defy

Deny, delay, or defy? When it comes to aging, different women subscribe to different approaches.

Although a lot of Filipinas are blessed with natural skin textures and facial features that make them look younger than their age, it is inevitable that as the years go by, so does the youthfulness. Over time, the signs of aging become more pronounced, blemishes become more difficult to conceal, and sags and droops start to show here and there. Women respond to this differently. Some deny it altogether, some try as hard as they can to delay it, while some fight back and defy the years.



Some women choose to deny aging. These are women who prefer to keep their skincare routine stripped down to a bare minimum to allow the aging process to happen naturally. There are some, however, who take it to the extreme and do nothing about it at all, just letting the ravages of time take a toll on their skin.


There is a denial that the signs of aging are starting to creep up on them and, worse, starting to make them look older than they actually are. Because with no skincare regimen to keep the quality of their skin intact as they mature, the lines, wrinkles, and age spots are likely to appear earlier than they normally would.


“Signs of aging typically start appearing in our 30s,” says Dra. Shyla Valdez, in-house dermatologist at Facial Care Centre. “Around that age, we start to lose the collagen and elastin which are responsible for the elasticity and the fullness of the skin. But it also depends on a person’s lifestyle. If you, for example, have been exposing yourself under the sun from a young age without any protection, then the signs of aging can appear as early as your 20s. The skin will appear leathery. When this happens, you tend to look like you’ve aged more than your contemporaries.”



On the other hand, some women acknowledge that they do need to do something to keep the signs of aging at bay. So they choose to delay it. These are women who try one product after another that promise miracles. This is evident in the multi-million industry that continuously churns out anti-aging products to answer the ever growing demand. Experts even predict that the sales of these products are only likely to increase in the coming years. However, a lot of these products rarely deliver results. In trying to delay aging, these women end up with delayed results. At the end of the day, these are only supplemental solutions.


Those who eventually get impatient with the countless creams and serums turn to invasive anti-aging procedures, like Botox or facelifts. But these are notorious for stiffening the face and making the skin look unnaturally stretched. It practically screams to the world, “Hey! I had something done on my face!”


According to Dra. Valdez, for skin tightening, it is better to invest in non-invasive treatments. “One, there is no downtime. Two, it’s less expensive,” she notes. “And you can avoid all the adverse reactions from invasive procedures. Like if you go through surgery, you’ll need anesthesia; there are so many side affects to getting anesthesia. Then, of course, since you go under the knife, there will be scarring. If you don’t heal properly, it might even get infected. You have to weigh the pros and cons before deciding on anything.”




Of course, there are those who choose to defy aging. These are women who refuse to just let the years mark their skin irreversibly. They know the importance of taking care of their skin and they do not skimp on skincare.


Among these women is world-renowned artist Lea Salonga who, at 43, has chosen to take on a positive view on aging. The Filipina icon says it’s all about having the right attitude. “I think my attitude towards aging is, one, it’s unavoidable,” Lea shares. “Everybody gets old. Everybody. But, two, I have decided that the ways and means I will use to keep the signs of aging at bay will not be aggressive, not invasive, nothing that intrudes too much with nature.”


Which is why she has found the perfect skincare partner in Facial Care Centre. With over 30 years of expertise in non-invasive skin solutions, the anti-aging experts will help Lea maintain her youthful-looking skin so she can face the years gracefully and beautifully as the new face of FCC. Dra. Valdez shares that the best way to defy the years like Lea is to start young: “In taking care of your skin, the earlier, the better. Even kids who aren’t in their teens yet can start with the basics like sunblock. Because whatever abuse you do to your body while you are young will take its toll in your latter years.”


And what better way to start defying the years now than with the skincare experts? “Women should make FCC their anti-aging essential because we offer advanced non-invasive treatments for them to take care of their skin,” Dra. Valdez states. “If it’s problematic skin, we can address that. If there’s no problem at all, then we can also help to enhance and maintain it. No pain, no scars, no downtime, just beautiful skin.”


“It’s just been wonderful so far at FCC,” Lea enthuses. “That’s why I keep asking, “When can I come back?” It’s nice to have someone watching over and taking care of my skin.”

What’s YOUR take on aging? Deny, delay, or defy?