Skin Breakthroughs

See yourself at your most beautiful. Let our most advanced facial treatments give you back the confidence of having youthful, clear, supple, radiant skin. At Facial Care Centre, every woman gets the advantage of facing the future gracefully, beautifully.


Everyone’s favorite miracle skin corrector

RevLite is a breakthrough skin pigmentation treatment. It is powered by a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser that breaks down chromophores that cause skin pigmentation, while leaving healthy tissues unharmed. It delivers overall skin rejuvenation benefits for lighter, more even toned, more radiant skin.

Ideal for Treatment of

  • Hyperpigmentation (melasma, age spots and sun spots, freckles)
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dullness

Why Women Love It

RevLite diminished the effects of sun damage on my skin. It gave me clearer, more even-toned, younger-looking skin.

Chris Umali-Co

Thanks to RevLite, my skin discoloration and puffiness were diminished, plus I got back my youthful glow!

Michelle Guinares

RevLite is the treatment I swear by. It really helped lighten my dark spots.

Marizza Ong